M2CG is committed to supporting and enhancing your institutional mission through diversity and inclusion strategic planning.

One of the ways we do this is by offering workshops and trainings on a broad range of topics related to diversity, inclusion, and intergroup relations which promote exploration of conscious and unconscious bias, respectful dialogue, cultural competency building, creative problem solving and other forms of skills building. All of our services are tailored to partners and collaborators needs, timeline, and budget.


M2CG meets the needs of institutions of higher education, K-12 teachers and administrators, and community-based organizations that feel stuck...experiencing challenges, lack the skills and resources, or wish to take their programs and initiatives to the next level when it comes to diversity and inclusion. We work closely with clients, whom we refer to as partners and collaborators, to overcome their challenges, create action plans, and improve outreach, retention and accountability.

As the founder, Mariana M. Cruz has over 10 years experience working in the field of diversity and inclusion as a  student, staff member, educator and administrator in higher education. Areas of expertise include: workshop and training facilitation, inclusive program development, and strategic planning.  



M2CG offers one-time workshops and trainings as well as multiple session series in order to build capacity. Sessions typically last between 1-4 hours depending on the type of service, group size, content area, and needs. Most learning materials are included in the workshop and training packages.



Trainings +

Trainings and Workshops are carefully designed with partner and collaborators needs in mind.

Every workshop and training is based on a customized curriculum that includes personalized goals,  learning objectives,  toolkits, worksheets, activities, and opportunities for reflection. These may be delivered in up to 5 session for up to 5 weeks.



Guided Readings +
Study Groups

Guided Readings and Study Groups materials include group activities, discussion questions, and opportunities for reflection. Customized syllabus and curriculum with personalized goals, learning objectives, and best practices. This may be delivered as a lecture in a “class-like” setting or an informal reading/study group over 1 hour weekly sessions that can take place for up to 3-5 weeks.



Multiple Session Series

Multiple Session Series are content-rich sessions that build on one another in ways that maximize participant learning, application, and problem solving. Our series are designed to address a specific area of focus. Session series can also be customized to meet partners and collaborators strategic needs.



Program + Initiative Development

Program and Initiative Development services provide resources, hands-on assistance, and logistical support for the design, delivery, and assessment of robust and high-impact inclusive programs and initiatives. Programs and initiatives we develop together can range from small to large scale, offered on a one-time basis or as an on-going series or initiative, and can include collaboration with external community partners. M2CG works closely with partners and collaborators to design programs and initiatives that best supports their needs, timeline, and budget


Examples of Series by m2cg

“Making sense of…”

A 3-part experiential series that explores and delves deeply into diversity and inclusion concepts, key terms and definitions. This series concludes with recommendations and actionable strategies for moving forward. Learning materials provided. Series takes place over weekly 90 minute sessions for a total of 3 weeks.
“Inclusive Excellence Tookit”

A 5-part series where participants are guided through the creation of an actual resource-rich individualized toolkit for themselves in areas that can include inclusive management and supervision, mentoring, effectively engaging in difficult conversations on topics related to race, gender, sexuality, and best practices in their primary professional field. Most learning materials provided, some self-guided work required. Series takes place over 1 hour weekly sessions for up to 5 weeks.
“Power of Words”

A 3-part experiential series that explores how we consciously and unconsciously use language as a tool for exclusion and inclusion through the exploration of cross-cultural communications style, dialogue, and role play. Learning materials provided. Series takes place over weekly 90 minute sessions for a total of 3 weeks.