Mission + Values


As a small consulting practice, M2CG offers multiple services, works closely with partners and collaborators to help determine their diversity and inclusion needs in order to help create a life, a workplace or a place within ourselves where the multiple identities we hold are received and honored fully.

When we, as community members, make connections between one another, especially across differences, we are more likely to intentionally commit to the sustainability of that community in ways that support and honor our connections. I have seen sustainable communities grow and thrive from the actions of its members and in the best of cases, I have seen sustainable communities evolve into just communities.  

Our areas of focus are grounded in competency building, intergroup relations, and strategic planning in the education and nonprofit sectors.


Who is M2CG?

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in New England, Mariana M. Cruz has lived, studied, and worked in all corners of the US and Puerto Rico.

She is the founder of m2cg consulting, a small consulting practice that supports and enhances the diversity and inclusion efforts of organizations through a range of services tailored to client needs, timeline, and budget.

Mariana holds a B.A. from the University of Puerto Rico (General Studies), an M.A. from Texas Woman’s University (Government), and an M.S. from Cornell University (Education). Her areas of research and professional development bring together leadership studies, race and ethnicity studies, gender studies, and program development.    

Mariana M. Cruz has over 10 years experience working in the field of diversity and inclusion as a student, staff  member, educator and administrator in higher education. The connecting threads throughout her work weave together Mariana’s commitment to advocacy, equity, inclusion, and dialogue facilitation across difference. Areas of expertise include: workshop and training facilitation, inclusive program development and strategic planning.