Getting curious about that which is different, learning from and listening to the experiences of others who hold different identities, acquiring strategies for cultivating an inclusive community - these actions can bring about limitless opportunities for connection, collaboration, and innovation.


We tend to resist that which we don’t immediately relate to… in other words, that which is different. When it comes to other people,  if unchecked, the fear and resistance can all too easily dictate how we relate to others who hold different histories, worldviews, and identities than ours.

The result? More often than not this leads to apathy, misunderstandings, avoidance, and sometimes conflict.

We all have something to learn when it comes to engaging difference, recognizing points of connection, and welcoming the diversity of others.

The learning can take many forms both in everyday life, often spontaneously,  and in more formal, deliberate settings such as workshops, seminars, and trainings.

No matter the platform, I have found that the best learning happens when we are open and active participants in the process, when we are in supportive environments, and when we have opportunities to ask questions, dig deeper, and explore difficult topics.


Competency Building  | Intergroup Relations | Strategic Planning

M2CG consulting offers a range of services aimed to support and enhance organizational efforts towards cultivating a diverse and inclusive climate where members can thrive in a collaborative, productive, and innovative environment.

Developing cultural competency, positive intergroup relations, and strategic planning is a process where both learning and visible changes take place over time, not all at once, and when follow-up, resources, and support are also offered.

M2CG consulting meets clients where they are, and through support, resources, and strategic thinking gets them on the right path towards problem solving and reaching their diversity and inclusion goals.

M2CG consulting offers workshops and trainings on a broad range of topics related to diversity, inclusion, and intergroup relations. All of our services are tailored to client needs, timeline, and budget.


Trainings and Workshops
are designed to build capacity and equip participants with skills and sustainable strategies for cultivating an inclusive community.

Guided Readings and Study Groups
aim to build a knowledge base in a particular subject area through carefully selected research reports, books, journal articles, and other texts. Materials include group activities, discussion questions, and opportunities for reflection.  

Program Development
services provide resources, hands-on assistance, and logistical support for the design, delivery, and assessment of inclusive programs and initiatives.